Advanced UPRT

Advanced Upset Prevention and Recovery Training is a mandatory training course for CPL holders before entering a Type Rating course on a Multi Pilot Airplane.

The training consists of 5 hours of theory training and 3 hours of flight training.

The main focus of the training is to recognize and prevent different upset situations in the aircraft and if necessary recover from the upset. You will be trained by experienced instructors to be able to take correct and adequate decisions, manage stress and become competent and confident in recovering from upsets.

The practical training will be flown in the Saab 91B Safir, an ex military trainer known for its nice flight characteristics!


19/10 – 2020
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2/11 – 2020
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16/11 – 2020
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7/12 – 2020
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11/1 – 2021
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1/2 – 2021
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15/2- 2021
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SEK 18 750 incl VAT