Commercial pilot training

Have you decided to transform your flying interest to an exciting career and do you seek a well recommended flight school with a long experience of providing high class training in one of the markets most modern aircraft fleets. We at Airways are proud to be one of Swedens leading flight schools and of that we can offer you our top quality flight training, and this to a very competitive price tag 

The Commercial pilot training from the basics mean that you in 20 to 24 months will go from the first time behind the controls of an aircraft to be ready for training on a heavy aircraft on your first day working for an airline.

The training consists of the following parts:

  • PPL, Private Pilots License including Night Qualification
  • ATPL Theory (Through our partner Flygteoriskolan)
  • Time Building (Skill training on your own)
  • CPL, MEP, IR/ME. (The final part of the practical training with multi-engine aircraft and under instrument conditions)

After the training you will have about 220 hrs of flight time, out of which about 130 hrs is training time.


The training is arranged in modules of training. This means that the training doesn't necessarily has to be taken as one continuous training and the tempo is up to you with respect to your conditions. Many of our students choose to work part-time while taking the training. We ay airways treats every student individually and together we will put together an arrangement that suits you best


Eftersom upplägget skiljer sig från elev till elev och utifrån hur varje individ väljer att lägga upp sin utbildning går det inte att sätta en exakt prislapp på vad en komplett utbildning kostar. Om man följer de råd och rekommendationer vi ger för ett bra upplägg så vet vi dock att en rimlig kalkyl hamnar på ca 770.000:- I den kalkylen inkluderas teori, praktik samt myndighetens avgifter.
Through our parter for the theoretical training, Flygteoriskolan, you can also get government support in the form of CSN-loans for the theoretical module.


As every student is handled individually we also admit students all year around. The theoretical blocks have fixed starting times, usually in January and September for the PPL which is the start of the training. Please see the homepage of Flygteoriskolan for more information.


The following requirements need to be fulfilled to be able to start the training:

  • Medical Class 1
  • Grades in Mathematics 2b (B), Physics 1a (A) and English 6 (B)

Interested? Send in an application via our contact form!