Commercial Pilot License 

In this course we teach you to fly with increased precision and more exact as before. We utilize the aircrafts capacity more and train more intense for your future role as commander. Take off and landing practice with high precision and under adverse conditions is a large part of the CPL training, as well as navigation with thorough follow up and training in handling a wide variety of emergency conditions. This is the step that brings you from a private pilot to a professional pilot. Depending on your continued training and your own goals you choose whether you want to perform the training on a single- or multiengine aircraft.

The training consists of 15 hours of flight time if you perform the integrated commercial pilot training at Airways alternatively if you since earlier carry an Instrument rating.

If you are interested in a CPL without a prior instrument rating the training time consists of 25 hours.


Single Engine Contact Us

Multi Engine 58 250 SEK incl. VAT. Cost for examination is added, approximately 13 000 SEK incl VAT (If combined with an IR). For CPL Multi Engine with out IR - Contact Us