Instrument Rating (IR)

Here you as a pilot will receive the qualifications needed to fly under IFR - The Instrument Flight Rules.

In addition to the knowledge you gained during your PPL or CPL, further studies are now required as well as greater skills in the rules and procedures that are specifically established for Instrument Flight. In the simulator and in the air, you practice following these procedures only with the help of the aircraft's instrumentation - ie without external references! The main purpose of this part of your education is to be able to get to where you are going even when the weather is not the best. After completing the training, you can fly and navigate in or above clouds and fog without even seeing the ground. So if you want to be more independent of the weather, IR is a must. For those of you who aim to become a professional pilot, the Instrument Certificate is a mandatory part of your education. Even if you have a lot of flying experience in your luggage, IR training is guaranteed to be something to bite into. This requires a fair amount of motivation and concentration. You will practice all possible scenarios both in the simulator and in the aircraft. All types of take-offs, departures and approaches are reviewed as well as navigation and emergency procedures. It takes a lot of practice to become a proficient instrument pilot, but it is also an unbeatable feeling to get out of the cloud at an altitude of only a couple of hundred feet during an approach and see the runway lie directly in front of the aircraft's nose.

Competence Based IR (CBIR)


The training for an IR Single Engine consists of 40 hours practical flying. Of these hours, 25 can be flown in our FNPT II simulator.
You who are becoming an commercial pilot does not fly this module but go straight for the IR Multi Engine

Cost: 109 000 SEK including VAT. Cost for test in addition to this, approximately 8 275 SEK incl. VAT


The training for IR / ME is divided into a general part where you train pure instrument flying and procedures in simulator and single-engine aircraft and a specific twin-engine part that completes the training. Here you learn the special thing about multi-engine aircraft, that is, flying with an engine out of order, in bad weather conditions. You must fly at least 45 hours to obtain IR / ME and of this, up to 30 hours can be completed in our FNPT II simulator. In order to fly up for an Instrument Rating - Multi Engine, completed class training at ME is required.

Cost: 178 500 SEK including VAT. Cost for test in addition to this, approximately 12 500 SEK incl. VAT