Flermotorbehörighet (ME)

Multi-Engine Rating (ME)

Class Rating Multi Engine is a part of the Commercial Pilot training but also a module that can be takes separately. If you as a private pilot want to fly a multi-engine aircraft this Class Rating is a necessity

It gives you the ability to develop your flying and is also a part in achieving the Instrument Rating on a multi-engine aircraft.

The training is 6 hours out of which more than half is done flying asymmetrically with one engine shut down (simulated). It is first when you master this technique that you can utilise the benefits and added security of a twin engine aircraft.

The training is finish with a Skill-test with an examiner from the Swedish CAA

Cost Cost: 35 700 SEK incl. VAT. Examination costs are additional, approximately 11 500 SEK incl. VAT.