Are you already a holder of PPL and want to pursue a career within aviation, do you seek a well renowned flight school with a long experience in providing high class training in some of the markets most modern fleets
We at Airways are proud to be one of Swedens leading flight schools, which can offer a top quality flight training to a very competitive price!

Airways offers a training package in which all the required modules are done in succession.

The training consists of the following parts:

  • Class rating multi-engine piston.
  • Instrument rating multi-engine.
  • CPL multi-engine.

The total training program is 66 hours.


The pace and duration is set by you. Airways treat every student individually and together we set a training program that fits your needs. If the program is done on a full-time basis the expected duration is 12 weeks.


The price for the training package is 285.000 SEK incl. VAT. Examination fees are not included (approximately 24 500 SEK incl. VAT).


As every student is handled individually, we also accept students all year around. Therefore, we have no fixed start dates.


  • The following requirements need to be fulfilled to be able to start the training:
  • Medical certificate Class 1
  • Valid EASA PPL
  • EASA ATPL theory
  • 155 hours total time, of which:
    • 100 hours as PIC
    • 50 hours cross-country as PIC
    • Completed a minimum 300nm cross-country flight with landings at two aerodromes other than the departure aerodrome.