For you who want to fly because it is so fun and not have it as a job. You can bring friends and acquaintances, go on holiday trips or fly in the service. With your PPL, you can fly when it is bright outside and preferably in beautiful weather, but not in too bad weather. With a darkness rating (NQ), you can also fly during the dark hours of the day.

This is also the first step (Module 1) for you who want to become a commercial pilot.

The education for PPL consists of a theoretical part and a practical part. You usually read the theory in the evening a couple of evenings a week. You advantageously combine the practical flight with reading theory to make the best use of the different things you learn during the training.

You do the practical flight during the day and you usually fly between one and two hours per lesson. In the beginning, it is usually a little shorter sessions, but as you get used to the aircraft and the environments, the length and difficulty of the flight also increases. All flights take place in our modern Diamond DA40.

Towards the end of the training, a number of longer navigation flights will be operated both within Sweden and, if desired, to our neighboring countries in Europe.

Your actual degree assignment during the PPL training is the longer navigation flight you must complete alone, without your instructor, to a number of airports in Sweden. A flight where your knowledge and skills that you learned during the training come in handy.

Your training for PPL takes between 6 and 12 months, depending on how much time you can spend. The theory course lasts for one semester and normally the courses start in January and August. You complete the theory education by taking exams in the subjects included in the course, including meteorology, aerodynamics, aircraft science and navigation.

Your practical training must consist of at least 45 hours of flight training. (50h including darkness, NQ). Of these, at least 25 hours must be performed in double command (DK) together with the instructor, while at least 10 hours must be in single command (EK) where you as a student fly yourself in the aircraft with your instructor on the ground.

The flight training for PPL ends with a flight test that you complete with one of the inspectors appointed by the Swedish Transport Agency.