The team

Martin Ingfeldt
Head of Training
Martin has been an instructor since 2004 but has been active in aviation since the beginning of the nineties. Also teaches theory and is a PC-Examiner and language examiner for the Board of Transportation. Teaches PPL, CPL, IR and ME
Krister Lundberg
Accountable Manager
Krister is working at a business jet pilot at the side of his instructor job. Teaches PPL, CPL, IR and ME
William Ringkvist
Chief Flight Instructor
William has trained pilots since 2012 and has a background as a pilot in the US and Greece. Teaches PPL, CPL, IR and ME
Mads Agdestein
Flight Instructor
Mads has a solid background as a corporate pilot and flight instructor. Mads is a devoted teacher and a corner-stone in the Airways operation. Teaches PPL, CPL, IR and ME
Thomas Mihalj
Flight Instructor
A Much appreciated and very flexible teacher which has helped many students with a demanding schedule. Few things are impossible when Thomas is involved. Teaches for PPL and CPL
Thomas Brandt
Flight Instructor
Works as a commercial captain and flies business jets. Thomas is with his extensive experience in both flight training and airline a much valued resource in the Airways operation and very appreciated by out. students. Teaches PPL, CPL, IR and ME
Bo-Gunnar Ingfeldt
Flight Instructor
With a background in the Swedish Airforce and with extensive experience both in military and civilian flight training, BG is a invaluable resource for the operation. He has been active in flight training since the 70's. BG is also an accredited Flight Examiner for flight tests and Proficiency Checks and a language examiner. Teaches PPL, CPL, IR and ME
Lennart Lundvik
Flight Instructor
I have been engaged in Aviation since 2011. I took my commercial ME and IR at this very school in 2016. Since then I have been flying privately and doing a bit of corporate flying. I became a flight instructor in 2019. I really enjoy my job as a flight/instrument instructor; i want my students to feel a welcoming and relaxed teaching enviroment where they can grow as aviators.