About us

Airways Flygutbildning is an EASA-Approved Training Organization (ATO) with 25 years of experience training commercial and private pilots. 

Since december 2012 we are situated in Västerås, which has a long standing traditions of both civilian and military aviation. Vi conduct training with high quality and competence in an exciting and developing environment where you as a student will be prepared and trained to handle the situations you will encounter in your future flying, whether it is private or commercial flying, and this to very competitive prices.

With the most modern fleet in the market vi are not limited by darkness, icing or long periods of repair and maintenance. We also have a FNPT-2 simulator, approved for training, which allows us to conduct training no matter what day or time all year around.

When you come to us it does not matter if you have much, little or no experience in flying. We will construct a training plan customized for you. The training can start at any time during the year and be conducted in the pace that you desire. So no matter if your dream of having your private pilots license and roam the skies on your own or make an exciting career out of your flying, we will tailor the training depending on your needs and wishes.

We also offer training for conversions from foreign certificates (example FAA) and conduct language tests, Proficiency Checks, Service training and Class training.

At out school we put the students in the centre at all time. You are always welcome to come by and visit us if you want to talk about flight training or flying in general. We are normally available between 9am and 5 pm, but often both before and after. To be safe, be sure to give us a call or mail before so we can set up an appointment.